One of the Special City Region in Indonesia located in Java Island, Yogyakarta also known as the centre for classical Javanese art and culture such as Batik, Javanese traditional dance, music, poetry and the genuine of puppet show (leather puppet). Discover its long history starting from the biggest Mataram Hindu Kingdom back in the 8 th century and change into Mataram Islam Kingdom on the 16 th century, Yogyakarta has become a city of the most existent kingdom in Indonesia which remains until today.

Its unique history of Hindu and Buddhist’s kingdom during the 8th century has left hundreds of artifact spread around this Region which mostly old temples or shrines, the well-known Prambanan Temple (known also as the most beautiful hindu temple) and the famous Borobudur Temple which ever became the 7th world wonders. And the Sultan Palace and its water castle dating from 17 th century, Gunung Merapi/ The Mount Merapi (literally Mountain of Fire in Indonesian/ Javanese) is an active Stratavolcano located on the border between Central Java and Yogyakarta. More to the southern part lay the mystic beach of Parangtritis/ The South Sea.

Visiting Yogyakarta has never been satisfied for a onetime visit. The mix modern and Javanese culture, the ancient building, the people’s smile, and the art and culture spread the whole area. Enjoy your holiday, enjoy its here.